Z Launcher

Z Launcher

A simple launcher I made for the Bitmap Brothers' classic 1995 MS-DOS strategy game, Z, complete with DOSBox integration.

Current features of the launcher include the following:
  1. Simple text based interface.
  2. Easy access to video / sound setup.
  3. Full networking & multiplayer support through IPX tunnelling in DOSBox.
  4. Verification of DOSBox, game and any other required binary files.
  5. Custom designed, easy to edit file formats.
  6. Custom pseudo-scripting system for generating dynamic DOSBox scripts.
  7. Platform-independent code design using Qt's Core library.

Some possible future additions / features have been considered, including the following:
  1. Graphical user interface mode.
  2. Version checker & auto-updater.
  3. Linux / Mac version.

Git Repository: https://github.com/nitro404/z_launcher

Download: Z Launcher 1.0