This is Inferno, a multi-purpose, multi-boot dedicated server.

Hardware specifications:

This box doesn't see much usage nowadays, but I used to run it 24/7 as a dedicated file sharing server (via both P2P and FTP) as well as a dedicated game server host.

It also has multiple operating systems installed and linked through GRUB:
  1. Windows 98 Second Edition
  2. Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 3) (Primary Operating System)
  3. Windows XP Professional Black Edition (Service Pack 2)
  4. Windows Vista (Service Pack 1)
  5. Ubuntu Linux 8.04 (Hardy Haron)

It used to have Solaris in place of Vista, but it was removed because Solaris is just an awful operating system and resulted in partition corruption when I attempted to modify it using a partition manager.

I control my servers remotely using TightVNC from any computer connected to the local network.

I recently modded a custom fan controller module into an empty optical drive slot cover to control the three 80mm case fans on the side (1x) and back (2x) via toggle switches.

Fan Controller Wiring
A collection of all the wiring used in the fan controller mod. To make the mod plug 'n' play, you can remove it by disconnecting the 9v clips from each other.
Fan Controller
Another angle of the fan controller. Wire was recycled from fried power supplies, and solder was covered in hot glue to prevent electrical contact with other components.
Fan Controller Installation
Installing the fan controller into the optical drive slot.
Fan Controller Installation
Fan Controller Installation
A final test run of the mod to make sure everything works.