Duke Nukem 3D Palette Editor

Duke Nukem 3D Palette Editor

So after a bit of searching I came to the conclusion that there really aren't many tools for editing the PALETTE.DAT / LOOKUP.DAT files used for palette swapping in Duke Nukem 3D, so after a bit of research I decided I'd make my own!

Total development time was a little under 4 days, and I've got a fully featured piece of software. I even went so far as to add plugin support and write some documentation on how to write your own plugins for the program! Pretty cool, I think. Mind you, a piece of software like this is probably long overdue and I doubt anyone will ever use it, but hey - if anyone does find it useful, all the power to you! I'm quite open to feedback / suggestions / comments / complaints / bug reports, so don't hesitate to drop me an email if you have something to say, or if you want some help developing your own plugin!

There are 4 plugins provided with the program for handling:
  1. Duke Nukem 3D PALETTE.DAT / LOOKUP.DAT Files
  2. PAL Palette Files
  3. Adobe Photoshop ACT Palette Files
  4. Image representations of palette files that are a multiple of 16 in scale (ie. 16x16, 32x32, 48x48, etc.) in format PNG / GIF / BMP.

You can even re-write and change the default plugins if there's something about them you don't like! Just don't claim credit for my hard work. If there's something you'd like to see added to the master version, feel free to drop me a line and we can work something out (with credit where credit is due, mind you)!

Anyways, if you're here checking this out, hopefully you find it useful! Check out the readme.txt for more information! Thanks!

Current features of the palette editor include the following:
  1. Java-based multi-platform code.
  2. Simple and easy to use GUI with tabbed editing.
  3. Support for reading, writing importing & exporting DAT / PAL / ACT / BMP / PNG / GIF palette files!
  4. Support for importing / exporting between different file formats (including LOOKUP.DAT sub-palettes)!
  5. Full dynamic plugin support via jar files for handling custom file types!
  6. Documentation and source code for writing your own plugins!
  7. Easy editing with drag-and-drop support for opening files!
  8. Version checker!

Some possible future additions / features have been considered, including the following:
  1. Command line argument support.
  2. Undo / redo history.
  3. Auto-updater.
  4. Open source repository access.

Git Repository: https://github.com/nitro404/duke3d_palette_editor

Download: Duke Nukem 3D Palette Editor 1.0.1 (With Source Code!)