Duke Nukem 3D Mod Manager

Duke Nukem 3D Mod Manager

I've been a huge fan of Duke Nukem 3D ever since I was a kid, and used to be very involved in the modding community both making and collecting mods. As such, I've amassed a very large collection of mods over the years, and since no mod manager existed (to the extent of my knowledge), I had decided to make my own back in 2008-2009. I never ended up adding half of the features I had initially hoped to implement in the project until recently since I resumed work on and completely re-designed the project from the ground up.

The Duke Nukem 3D Mod Manager is written in C++ and features Qt's core library with little to no platform specific code. It is still a work-in-progress, and has recently undergone a drastic rework which included a lot of code re-writes and tons of new features being added. There is no officially functional release yet, but I think I should be able to make one available fairly soon.

This project also largely ties into my massive mod collection which is now available over in the mods section, click here to check it out! I've been hard at work developing a dynamically generated webpage with TONS of information in PHP to make browsing / searching through my Duke 3D mod collection easier!

Current features of the mod manager include the following:
  1. Simple text based interface.
  2. Ability to run mods by index number or search for by name.
  3. An option to select & run a random mod (if you're feeling adventurous).
  4. Program arguments for easier shortcuts to play your favourite mods.
  5. Both vanilla Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition (V1.4/5) and DOSBox 0.72 support.
  6. Automatic backup and renaming of demo files, so that mod specific demos can be played.
  7. Full networking & multiplayer support through IPX tunnelling in DOSBox.
  8. Custom arguments to bypass the mod manager (ie. manual specification of con and group file).
  9. Automatic checking for unlinked, missing or duplicate mod files.
  10. Verification of DOSBox, game and any other required binary files.
  11. Custom designed, easy to edit file formats.
  12. Ability to remember and group your favourite mods together.
  13. Mod categorization to group mods by tags.
  14. Mod rating and review system to keep track of what's good and what's not!
  15. Custom pseudo-scripting system for generating dynamic DOSBox scripts.
  16. Platform-independent code design using Qt's Core library.

Some possible future additions / features have been considered, including the following:
  1. Graphical user interface mode.
  2. Interface for adding new mods.
  3. User map support.
  4. Support for Duke 3D ports (ie. JFDuke, EDuke32, Megaton).
  5. Version checker & auto-updater.
  6. Linux / Mac version.

Git Repository: https://github.com/nitro404/duke3d_mod_manager

Download: Duke Nukem 3D Mod Manager 1.1 Beta Release (Outdated)